12 of 3000

After culling through almost 3000 of my images from the past 4 years, I found 12 worth sharing (see below). Once these are uploaded to my Instagram, I will be starting a new project – shooting (and sharing) only black and white images for one year.

I’ve tried this before, at the beginning of 2015, but unfortunately it only lasted for a month. As with most new age photographers, I was shooting “for the gram” rather than for myself, uploading images for the sake of uploading, and never really taking the time to select only my best work.

This “addiction” not only meant failing my black and white challenge, but also resulted in me sharing a shit load of really mediocre photos.

As Ansel Adams once said, “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop”.

Fair enough, capturing 12 significant images per year may seem rather low these days. However, his point remains – share only your best work (even if it means only 12 images per year).

But how!? Simple. Shoot for yourself. Not for anyone else. Not for anything else. And certainly not for an app like Instagram.

Here’s to a far more mindful and monochromatic 2017!


“Tropical Mountain”
“The Grid”
“Come Hither”
“Heart Dog”
“The Big Yawn”
“Mistical Morning”
“Stranger on a Train”
“Where to from Here?”

PS: Because black and white film (as well as developing and processing it) is quite expensive in South Africa, my project will consist of images shot on any 35mm film and converted to black and white in Lightroom, using the VSCO 00 Kodak Tri-X presets.

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